I am appalled that public schools, and especially the Katy ISD public schools have stopped teaching cursive handwriting.  The concept has obviously been labeled as "old school" and part of the banished liberal arts education that we all used to receive in our public schools.  To not teach it says worlds about the mind set of those running this school district. Trying to force our children into the same mold of socialization that exists in communist countries all over the world is despicable.

Of course, those who made the decision to NOT teach cursive writing have no credentials of substance, and so it is not difficult to see how they were able to so unwisely make such a decision.  They aren't smart enough to see the effects of what they are doing or what they have done.  But that is no excuse, and parents should complain loudly.  In the meantime, they need to teach their children this skill at home. One also has to wonder what they'll cut out next from the America curriculum that is hundreds of years old!     Mary McGarr

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