The idea of posting on line the check registers of governments was initiated by my friend, Peyton Wolcott.  It was a marvelous idea, and Ms. Wolcott deserves lot of praise and credit for her efforts. 

Her idea was soon co-opted by governments everywhere.  Unfortunately most of them (if any of them) adopted the secondary part of the initiative which was for governments to also include an explanation of each check.

Governments have that information, and it would not be hard for them to include it, but government transparency is not part of this venture!

So the Public can only guess at reason for most of the entries. 

The Check Registers are posted, at least in Katy ISD, irregularly, left up for a while, and then removed never to be seen again.  If one wants to have a copy, one must make the copy himself and save it, and with every new software invention, they make it harder and harder to do so.

So much for keeping the public informed.

1.  Katy Joins Other School Districts in Posting Check Register Online