Donna Garner is a former and long time Texas teacher who is now retired.  Her husband was a coach, and they were both very much a part of Texas public education. Mrs. Garner has been at the forefront of explaining to the public (and to unknowledgeable legislators and other public officials) the machinations of  education reform. 


Mrs. Garner is especially adept at pointing out the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 instruction in our schools, and holding SBOE member Tom Ratliff and the Texas Freedom Network accountable for their misguided if not intentionally harmful  ways.


1. Thomas Ratliff's Bad Influence on the Texas Legislature


2. Texas Freedom Network Trying to Stir Up Trouble


3. Texas Freedom Network Goes After New SBOE Chairman Barbara Cargill


4.  Bob Craig -- Obstructionist Voting Record


5.  Rumor About Appointment of Klussman As Texas Commissioner of Education