I am a huge advocate of homeschooling. I think any parent who takes the time (notice that I don't say HAS the time, because we all choose what we do with our time, and we HAVE time!) can homeschool their children.  I maintain that for the first nine years at least (K through 8th grade) most parents are smarter than their kids and can teach them easily all they need to know.

When I resigned from the School Board in 1996,  I wrote a piece about homeschooling for the Katy Times which they printed.  After that, the Houston Chronicle had Terry Kliewer do a three part article on homeschooling.  It was very comprehensive, took up more space than I had ever seen them devote to any unsensational topic,  used my article as a guideline, and pretty much endorsed and gave credence to everything I had said. I will post those articles later.

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