In a recent blog entry in The Katy Times,  an anonymous writer had the following remarks regarding the "reporting of illegal acts."  I thought the entry quite good and to the point. It is an excellent example of someone from the public demanding that elected officials pursue the prosecution of those who appear to have committed illegal acts.  I wholeheartedly agree with the blogger! It is up to us as individual citizens to stay on our elected officials until they do what they should be doing without our having to push them. It is irresponsible for them to not seek justice.  When did our Board of Trustees become the decider of which crime is punishable?  Do they look the other way if the alleged perpetrator is someone they know or like or an employee of the school district?  That is not acceptable if that is the case.


just wondering wrote on Dec 17, 2010 10:06 AM:

" Our BOT has a long history of not telling us the truth. Often it is just an act of omission as they just refuse to speak to us lowly souls. Sometimes it is a flat out lie and we just let our short term memory take over.

Please know when I say "our BOT" I am both speaking of the group collectively as a governing body AND more often to the "facts" they want to share with us when they run for re-election. As candidates, they have never fully embraced the truth and in fact refuse to make any attempt to justify their voting records.

I am intrigued by their behavior.

However some gentle readers will think I am too harsh and want me to provide a laundry list and if a single BOT member comes to this blog and challenges me to produce such a list I will do so. But for the time being lets put all that aside and ask what our governing board is doing about the admitted violation of federal laws arising from inappropriate behavior leading up to last month's election on the part of Katy ISD employees and their relationship with a political action committee (PAC)?

We have a confirmed violation of state and federal law! How do we know this? The superintendent told us so in an open letter to the community. What is the BOT's judiciary responsibility now that they KNOW individuals under their control broke the law? Why isn't there a full investigation underway?

I read on this same blog about the BOT's rush to judgment for the coaching and cheerleader scandal's at MRHS and how important it was to get to the truth. The district shared the results with both the NCAA and went so far as to file their finding with the local D. A.s office. The result was, one student lost his NCAA football scholarship, the girls were publicly chastised, the coaches lost their jobs and can't work again without being labeled as "cheaters."

So I put it directly to the BOT, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THIS?" If a school teacher only has a suspicion that a child has been abused he or she is in violation of state law by not reporting to CPS and can be charged with a CRIME. How can a TRUSTEE be aware of violations of federal law by persons within the district using district resources (computer, and transmission media, office space, and work hours) and fail to respond in a clear and convincing manner?

So far the BOT's response has been to hold a meeting and reaffirm the rules about what should have happened and did NOT address what DID happen.

Where is the "trust" Mr(s) and Ms. Trustees? "