School to Work is the name of a federal piece of legislation that was passed in the 1990's.  It was subsequently sunsetted on October 1, 2001.  However, its provisions are in place in every public school and in every state in America.

When I was on the Katy school board in the 1990's, we all knew that something was afoot with regard to the curriculum, but it was hard to figure out what that something was.  Only after I was off of the school board in the spring of 1997 did I run across a memo from KISD which when I received it made no sense, but by 1997 it did.  The paper was given to the SBOE members (conservative Republicans) and at meetings in the spring of 1997, they confronted then Commissioner of Education Mike Moses with our findings.  Mr. Moses and others had been installing the School to Work Agenda through the Texas Department of Labor and hiding what they were doing from the public for years!

Only if one reads the bill can one understand what they were doing. The Federal Government has taken down everything but summaries.

1.  School to Work Opportunities Act

2.  Opposing the Implementation of the School to Work Act in Texas

3.  Presentation to the SBOE by Richard Watson  March 4, 1997

4.  Comments I Made to the State Board of Education in February 1997

5.  Texas Education Agency Complicit in Dumbing Down Our Children

6.  How to Spot School to Work in Katy ISD

7.  Charting Career Paths Early

8.  Selected Manufacturing Occupations With High Job Growth -1992-2005 Projected