State To Require Cameras In Special Ed Classrooms

by Shaun Heasley | June 29, 2015

Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, parents in Texas will be able to request that video cameras be used to monitor their children’s special education classrooms. (Thinkstock)

In what’s believed to be a first, a new law in Texas will require schools to install cameras upon request in classrooms serving students with disabilities.

The law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott earlier this month mandates that school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in the state employ video cameras if they are requested by a parent, trustee or staff member.

Under the measure, such requests can only be made for self-contained classrooms and other environments where the majority of students are receiving special education services.

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If every parent of a Special Education child would ask for these cameras EVERYWHERE their child is during a school day, they would be able to know how their child is being treated.  That is something parents need to know, and they should go to great lengths to know.

Ostensibly, if every Special Education parent would start asking for these cameras to be in place in August 2016 when the law requires them, they might have them by three years from now!

IF parents do what the law says they may do (and the law cannot be changed until the next legislative session which is a year away), they will not only be doing their own children a great favor, they will be doing one for the rest of the students as well. 

IF all Special Education identified students are monitored by these cameras, then so, probably, will all the rest of the students.  Parents will have great information for lawsuits and other legal actions. Perhaps with cameras, questionable activity will cease.

 All the malarkey can be shut down in one fell swoop.

I look forward to it, as it will be legal, out in the open, and for all to see what a mess our public schools in Katy really are!