Sometimes parents and taxpayers don't understand the "foundation movement."  Usually I think foundations are tax dodges for the wealthy.  It allows them to keep from paying taxes on their income like the rest of us and instead set up foundations  (which pay officers of them handsomely most of the time), and then spend their money meddling in the affairs and activities of others. Katy school board member Henry Dibrell was such an officer (Amobi Okoye Foundation) although I don't think he was paid handsomely judging by his comments on the matter. Brian Michalsky is also aligned with the Cotton Foundation "sitting on its advisory board."

    In my opinion, foundations are tax dodges for the wealthy.  Probably the only way to stop them is for everyone to have one!  Ask your tax accountant to look into creating one for you!

    Such is the Broad Foundation.  Eli Broad founded KB Homes.  Houston ISD has won the "Broad Prize" again (, and they are bragging about  it in press releases.

    My objection to this foundation is the same as my objections to all foundations.  Just because they have the money, they are allowed to dictate policy which, in my opinion, circumvents the governments and other organizations that are set up to serve the public.  I don't think it is fair or right what they do even when it is charitable work.  Their interventions always have strings attached or are done for the aggrandizement of the owner(s) of the foundation.

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    11.  List of "Strategic Planning Retreat Participants"  September 15, 2003

    People who align themselves with an educational foundation are nine times out of ten surely supporters of the socialist agenda. In case one is not adept at spotting leftist, liberal wack-o's, let me be the first to point out that this bunch all qualify for the attribution. Also notice the preponderance of  those living in California!  Recently we all saw the product of their efforts over the last fifteen years:  their California Crybabies looked very foolish when they realized the dole had just been cut off on November 8th!  [MM]

    Arlene Ackerman, Superintendent, San Francisco Unified School District

    Richard C. Atkinson, President, University of California

    Alan Bersin, Superintendent, San Diego Schools

    Dominic Brewer, Director, RAND Education

    Dennis Chaconas, Superintendent, Oakland Unified School District

    Robert Chase, former President, National Education Association

    Rudolph F. Crew, Director, The Stupski Foundation

    John Danielson, Chief of Staff, U. S. Department of Education

    Chester Finn, President, Thomas B. Fordham Foundation

    Patrica Harvey, Superintendent, St. Paul Public Schools

    Genethia Hudley Hayes, Board Member, LA Unified School District

    David Hornbeck, Founder, Good Schools Pennsylvania

    James Hunt, former Governor, State of North Carolina

    Nancy Ichinaga, Member, California State Board of Education

    Joel Klein, Chancellor, New York City Department of Education

    Wendy Kopp, President, Teach for America

    Robin Kramer, Senior Fellow, California Community Foundation

    Diana Lam, Superintendent, Providence Public Schools

    Arthur Levine, President, Columbia University Teachers College

    Tom Luce, Chairman, National Center for Educational Accountability and former gubernatorial candidate in Texas

    Joe Lucente, Board President, CA Network of Educational Charters

    Don McAdams, Executive Director, Center for Reform of School Systems

    Richard L. McCormick, President, University of Washington

    Theodore Mitchell, President, Occidental College

     Barry Munitz, President and Chief Executive Officer, J. Paul Getty Trust

    Mark Murray, President, Grand Valley State University

    Joseph Olchefske, Superintendent, Seattly Public Schools

    Ron Ottinger, Board Member, San Diego City Schools

    William Ouchi, Professor, The Anderson School at UCLA

    Roderick R. Paige, United States Secretary of Education

    Tim Quinn, President, Michigan Leadership Institute

    Richard Riordan, Former Mayor, City of Los Angeles

    Nancy Daly-Riordan, Children's Rights Activist

    Waldemar "Bill" Rojas, Former Superintendent, Dallas Public Schools

    Steven Sample, President, University of Southern California

    Jay Schenirer, Board Member, Sacramento City Unified School District

    Jon Schnur, CEO, New Leaders for New Schools

    William Siart, President, ExED LLC

    Kim Smith, President, New Leaders for New Schools

    Glen Tripp, President Galileo Educational Services

    Adam Urbanski, President, Rochester Teachers Association

    Michael Usdan, Senior Advisor, Institute for Educational Leadership

    Carolyn Webb de Macias, Senior Associate Provost, USC

    Randi Weingarten, President, United Federation of Teachers

    Caprice Young, Board President, Los Angeles Unified School District