Don't look now, but someone is trying to change the way your kids think!

They've been at the process for a long time, and you as a parent are up against a big, uncontrollable machine that you are not going to stop or change very easily.  "They" are way ahead of you.

Give Hillary Clinton a great deal of the credit for instigating it and implementing it.  No kidding.  Her "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child" tome was the first popular expressing of the doctrine espoused in values clarification.  The movement greatly preceded Hillary, but she popularized it. Hillary isn't smart enough to think of things like this on her own.  She just regurgitates what others think of first.

Just for YOUR clarification, it does not "take a village" to raise your child.  How your child is raised has nothing to do with the village, i.e., the rest of greater society.  Your children get to be raised like YOU want them to be raised, and if you defer to political forces that have ulterior motives and allow them to have input into your child's upbringing, you are stupid.

The following are articles and papers that you might not find otherwise that help to explain what I've been trying to tell people for over thirty years. 

1.  Michael Jacques on Changing Kid's Beliefs Using New Paradigm Humanism

2.  Your Indoctrination