Most words used by educrats are obscure entries in large dictionaries.  Somewhere at a university with a College of Education, there is an over-the-hill professor who,  while waiting for his retirement fund to increase, spends his days, 9 to 12 and 2 to 4, looking for uncommon words that are synonymous with currently used educational terminology. A "word/definition decider" if you will. The point of this exercise is to discover words that may be used to fool the public.  Fooling is necessary because the substance of most educational ideas is not discernible by the lay person as there isn't any, and so, to cover up that fact, uncommon wordage is necessary.

ability grouping --n. a means of assembling students of similar intellectual ability within the same classroom setting.  A technique used for hundreds of years until 1991 when educrats (see below for definition) stopped using it without authorization from anyone.  Such an event occurred in Katy ISD when Hugh Hayes, the superintendent in 1991, discontinued ability grouped classes without even telling the school board, much less asking their permission. Ability grouping allows students of all abilities to learn at their own pace at their own level.  It is the only verifiable way to accomplish a successful academic educational program for the masses. The technique was removed so as not to hurt anyone's feelings. The public is in denial of the fact that some students are smarter than other students.

administrator -- n. person who is no longer capable of teaching--and perhaps never was; one who needs to feel important; one who basically disliked students; one who is more interested in recompense than service; one who plans to retire to the Hill Country--or at least to Bentwater

algorithm -- n. the means necessary to solve a mathematical problem;  a fancy word used by those who need to feel important

BEAM--n. probably the most ludicrous acronym ever devised; a silly program initiated by Alton Frailey in Katy, Texas in another biennial effort to silence his critics; BEAM stands for "because everyone's attitude matters"; not to be confused with "Beam me up, Scotty."

bogus -- adj.  not genuine; false; counterfeit;  fake; deceptive

change agent -- n. a person who manipulates an organization to achieve the agent's desired alterations.  The changes accomplished may be done surreptitiously and often without the realization of those being affected. One who manipulates the status quo for personal reasons and satisfaction.

charrette -- n. a planning session where interested parties gather to discuss ideas; mostly used with reference to design, or in other words, a meeting; a word often used by those trying to look more intelligent than they really are. Example:  PBK Architects

child --n.  a young human; used to designate relationship to parent; A child belongs only to its parents. For example, a parent refers to this person as his "child" or his "kid."  See "student."

cluster --n. or v. an educational term denoting open concept rooms or pods used to "bring together" students in various types of groups.  Both the act of clustering and the structural designation speak to the grouping method.  Ironically "open concept" schools, another failed educational grouping idea, cost public school districts millions of dollars when they finally had to rebuild the schools to get rid of the openness. [Katy ISD spent millions closing in "open concept" schools in the recent past. Educational fads are often repeated as those in charge seldom learn from the past.]

collectivism --n.  the act of subjugating the individual to the group; in order to have subjugation, individuals must relinquish their personal authority, abilities and intelligence to political leaders who then control them--most often those being controlled do not understand what is transpiring; dumbing down of students is part of the process of collectivist advocates; the fact that the education establishment wants to gain control at ever younger ages (i.e., the thrust of PreK advocates) suggests ulterior motives. [See intelligence quotient}

communist --n. a progressive; someone who believes that everyone is the same and should be, that wealth should be redistributed; that work or the lack thereof is of no consequence in determining status and wealth; one who is himself lazy but controlling

communitarianism -- n. the concept that dictates that the good of the community supersedes the good of the individual; a political, philosophical and social concept of disorder being placed into law and governmental practice surreptitiously; see TQM.

Compass School -- n.

"A Compass School is essentially a school that practices sustainability in its governance, management, operations, teaching & learning, school culture and relations with the outside community. This “whole-school approach” is crucial to successfully integrating the principles and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of a school’s existence. Schools that model sustainability will be much more effective in influencing the development of their pupils’ values, attitudes and decisions and actions than schools that only address sustainability in the curriculum."  Source:

Copernican Plan --n.  a very weird conclusion about the possibility of students learning "more" if they spend less time learning less curriculum; an education treatise by a bored public school administrator in need of supplementing his income by devising a scheme that will allow him to become an educational "consultant" for a program he invented out of thin air. The plan's developer is Joseph M. Carroll.  Primarily his emphasis is on block scheduling, and he does not go to the trouble of providing any credible supportive research for his premises (a consequence of the intellectual level of those coming up with these plans and others like them.)

curriculum management system--n.  a means of causing teachers to teach what they don't want to teach and probably shouldn't teach; a device to provide an overabundance of washed up administrators with retirement income; a teacher management system; see KMAC, CCAP, CSCOPE, COMMON CORE; originated in Katy ISD with Leonard Merrell and Elizabeth Clark.

DAP -- n. acronym for "developmentally appropriate practice" in early childhood education (ages 3 to 7); a pre-emptive means of control over curriculum that includes disallowing whatever the educrat using it wants to dismiss or disparage with regard to curriculum; an unscientific and unvetted  program developed by the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)

Democrat Party --the name is the grammatically correct term for the Democratic Party. The Party is not "democratic," and proper nouns like "Democrat" are not converted into adjectives by adding "ic" as a suffix. For example, it is not the "Republicanic Party," or the "Libertarianic Party," or a "Smith-ic Wedding." yet many Democrats bristle at the term "Democrat Party." and perhaps they prefer the false illusion that their party is somehow more "democratic" than other parties. In fact, the Democrat Party is less democratic than the other political parties

demagogue -- n. a leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace; one who tries to stir up people's emotions in order to win them over and so gain power; some examples can be found inhabiting the KISD ESC in Katy, Texas.

educrat -- n. a designation of a person, given derogatorily, who claims to have knowledge regarding the instruction of public school students. In actuality, the person so described has little academic knowledge himself and is a useless burden on Society

facilitate --v. to make easy or easier; inaccurate synonym for the verb to teach

facilitator --n. one who cannot teach, because he is restrained from doing so by the system or who is unable to do because of lack of ability, and so stands at the side of the room as a figurehead--soon to be replaced by a computer.

fast growth school districts --n. school districts that have joined together in order to bilk the State Legislature out of more money; concept is based on false premises as members of the Fast Growth Schools Coalition, may or may not be growing faster than any other school district. 

fool --n. a person who cannot see how he/she is being used by others; one who is easily duped.

Futurist--n. a term that refers to those who dabble in interdisciplinary and systems thinking in an attempt to predict plausible scenarios of future activities, events, and thought processes.  The processes include planning for the future, envisioning possibilities of the future, and otherwise dabbling in the conceptual aspect of matters that may or may not occur. The futurist concepts are utilized and taught to public school children in an effort to instill the propaganda of those in charge within the minds of students. Often these concepts are taught way before students are wise enough to determine the validity of such ideas. Giddy and mindless parents are often fooled and seem not to realize the real intent of the activity. I have been one of those parents. (See Education/Gifted and Talented.)

genre--n. a kind or type of something; a word used by educrats (and never correctly) in order to make themselves sound intelligent; a greatly overused and insignificant word which overuse has made meaningless

globally--adv. having to do with the whole world, often used by those with a New World Order agenda;  a frequently used word by Communists or Socialists pushing that agenda, or (way too often) by those not smart enough to know what the word really suggests

greed --n. an overwhelming desire to acquire, own or possess wealth, material goods, or power beyond that which one needs or deserves; avarice (think Seven Deadly Sins)

handmaiden--n. a subservient partner or element; someone who does the bidding of another--sometimes a feminine attribution, but not always

hubris --n.   extreme haughtiness, pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power (Sound like anyone you know?)

inclusion --n.  a practice of allowing students who are not capable of performing at the same pace as the other students in the class (for whatever reason), to become a member of that class to the detriment of himself and all of the other students.  The practice is NOT required by law. It provides an impossible scenario for the teacher as he/she cannot manage such a student as well as the rest of the class at the same time, and so the practice shortchanges both the regular student as well as the student who cannot perform.  The practice was designed to assuage parents of such children so that they can fool themselves into thinking their child can somehow miraculously become "normal" in the process.  The practice should be ended as it hurts ALL of the students and especially the child who cannot perform.  The practice continues because while all school board members agree about the situation--that it needs to be ended, none of them are willing to risk being tossed from office over the issue.

idiot --n. a very foolish or stupid person. a derogatory term

ineptocracy --n. a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least able to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. A system that will self destruct within a very short time.

intelligence quotient --n. I.Q.; a contrived score determined by standardized tests containing literal, mathematical, and abstract questions which purports to ascertain a level of intelligence; public schools used to measure such mental traits but no longer do, so as not to label any individual as being less or more intelligent than any other; the hypocrisy of such a position is ludicrous; anyone with ANY intelligence knows that some individuals are smarter than other individuals and that all of us have a measurable intelligence quotient; to do away with the testing so as not to hurt anyone's feelings is mindless (pun intended); often one's intelligence quotient improves with age

intuitive skills --adj./n. abilities based upon intuition which means having the knowledge of something without the conscious use of reasoning to have that knowledge; such skills ordinarily are possessed to a limited degree by 11th and 12th grade students in "honors" level courses (when such grouping exists, but which currently are attributed mistakenly to elementary school students; another bizarre attempt by academically uneducated educators to make things within their realm seem more important and more meaningful than they really are

leaver document --n. Katy ISD attempt to curtail students' bailing out of their schools;  synonymous with "Ticket to Ride"

liberal arts -- n. an academic curriculum including English, history, government,  math, science, foreign languages; a course of study formerly deemed of prime importance in American public schools but which has been superseded by a dumbed down version of those subjects and which now also includes vocational education, an affective emphasis on self-esteem, social leveling, multiculturalism and other dumbing down techniques which are utilized to achieve a left leaning populace that can be easily controlled, the proof of which already exists

manifesto -- n. a public declaration of principles or intention, especially of a political nature, by an important person; what "Diane" (in a rare compliment) says my web site is

moron -- n.  a very foolish or stupid person; synonym for idiot

multiculturalism --n. a means of separating conflicting races and ethnic groups resulting in racism which fosters distrust; means of removing a common identity; the opposite of assimilation of races and ethnic groups; a tactic used by allegedly underrepresented minorities who wish to become dominant; the primary factor in the ruination of America--no country with more than one major  language and one dominant culture has ever sustained itself for very long.

NAEYC -- n. acronym for the National Association for the Education of Young Children; organization (NGO) that sets standards based on liberal ideas for early childhood education and which certifies schools that endorse their beliefs. Used by schools when they are not able to develop curriculum by themselves thus an admission of their incompetence.

namesake--n. the person or item (building, river, Pub, dog, etc.) named for someone else. (The word NEVER refers to the person for whom the person or item is named which is often an erroneous use of the word by those who don't know any better.)

news--n. information that is useful to the person hearing or viewing it; most information labeled as "news" is not really news but instead intended to elicit pity or perpetuate an opinion.

NGO -- n. acronym for non-governmental organization; an organization that survives on tax dollars given to it by governments, even though it is not itself a governmental organization and therefore not subject to open records or open meetings laws; a prime example of a way to get around the system. The Texas Association of School Administrators is one.  The Texas Association of School Boards is another.

numeracy -- n. the ability to use numbers; another shady educrat term used to make simpletons sound smarter than they are.

paradigm shift -- n. a radical change in underlying beliefs, attitudes, or theory; used to denote manipulative shifts in belief systems and commonly utilized on children in public schools.

problem solving -- n. a phrase created by using a participle turned into a gerund; educrat term for solving problems--one of those terms that makes its speaker sound knowledgeable and important; in the same vein as bathroom going, nose picking, street sweeping, eye balling, Venetian blind hanging; hang on, I'll think of some more; code phrase, the use of which indicates a dumbed down math curriculum

progressive -- n. a communist;  a polite way of indicating a communist and a socialist all rolled into one

project based learning --n. PBL; a method of teaching in which students are "engaged" by creating physical products to demonstrate what they have learned; another means of fostering teams and co-operative learning; mostly a debunked method which fails to stimulate actual academic learning; a practice which allows smart students to do all the work while the dumb students sit around and do nothing while all receive the same grade; a prime source of wallpaper for young students.

push poll --n. an interactive marketing technique that is used mostly during a political campaign such as prior to a bond election.  The means of achieving influence is through a telephone call of about 60 seconds during which the pollster attempts to influence or alter the view of voters (while he has them on the phone) under the guise of conducting a poll. The marketer has no other reason to conduct the poll other than to alter viewpoints--both those of the caller as well as those to whom the results are relayed.  There is nothing beneficial to a push poll except to those who are trying to deceive the public. Katy ISD conducted push polls before the 2006 bond election and the 2014 bond election.

real-world --adj. an educrat constructed term used to designate authenticity by virtue of something's connection to the larger landscape; actually a bogus designation used to assign importance to unimportant matter

regionalism -- n. consolidation for the purpose of control; thus communism (Thanks to Peyton Wolcott for pointing out the true meaning of this word [])

rigor -- n. rigidity, stiffness; strictness, severity, harshness; an act or instance of oppression or cruelty; hardship; incorrectly used by educrats to mean appropriately difficult and meaningful--no telling how they got from the real meaning to the one they concocted.

rigorous --  adj.  harsh or strict; misused by educrats to mean of utmost difficulty or elevated in scope--they like the way it sounds and use the word even if they seem not to know what it means

Royal "we" -- pronoun.  the first person plural pronoun used by a sovereign in formal address to refer to himself or herself; in Katy ISD, the superintendent and some board members, when thinking they are better than the rest of us, tend to use the term in error as they are not "sovereigns"; offputting designation

School of Education -- n. a place where students, who merely wish to have a career teaching school, are forced to abide coursework that appears not to have much of anything at all to do with teaching school; place where one can obtain many degrees easily for the purpose of bumping up one's government salary and retirement benefits; institution without which teachers would have the chance to obtain an academic education which would serve them far better than what they now receive and which would greatly benefit school students; place where the field of study is the easiest to enter and which requires the lowest SAT entry score. Prime example of such a school:  Texas A&M at Commerce

self-esteem -- n. pride in one's self; quality often foisted upon children when not deserved thus making meaningless the acquisition of true self-esteem for the deserving; another deceptive tool of those who claim to be "reforming" education.

situational ethics -- n. a concept of ethics which may change or be influenced by the situation in which one finds himself; used in values clarification in public schools. The opposite concept is that one has morals and values, and they are always steadfast and the same.  Situational ethics is a basic concept used in the "DARE" program in public schools [called the "POWER" program in KISD] which fact should alarm all parents of fifth graders.

sophist --n.  one who uses clever, specious reasoning; one skilled in devious, misleading, or fallacious argumentation; example:  Barrack Obama.

stakeholder --n. ungrammatical name for someone who holds a special and vested interest in a subject; an outdated word which, in 1991, I asked the KISD curriculum director to stop using as it was a meaningless word; a forty-one year old made up word that endeavors to make those bearing the label feel as though they are somehow important to the scheme of things--they are NOT;  classic example of the efforts described in the introduction to this page.

standards --n, adj., adv., v., prep.,  an elusive and slippery word with double meanings.  Normal people think it means something that sets the bar for achieving excellence; educrats know it signifies a means of manipulating students' minds in such a way that their intelligence is actually compromised by having them do meaningless activities in the name of academics; standards means NO standards

student--n. a young human; designates identity within a school of the young people attending; often confused with the word child or kid.  For example when speaking of one's charges at school, a teacher should call them his or her "students."  These humans are not the "children" of their teachers.  Teachers sometimes confuse the words child and student. Children belong only to their parents. Use of the word "child" in place of "student" is done to obscure the relationship of a child to his parents.  The public schools would like parents to believe the schools are partners in the rearing of the parents' children, when in actuality, they are not, but they may become so if the parent is deluded into thinking such to be a proper relationship and allows it. [See previous Katy ISD Mission Statement.]

stupid --adj. lacking normal intelligence; not necessarily a derogatory designation, just factual; smartless; n. having more money than brains--example:  Bill Gates

superintendent --n. a person with little academic education who usually has never taught very long; a person who has managed by hook or crook to move through the educational system doing and achieving little, sometimes using others to accomplish his/her ends, while apple polishing his/her way to the top of the educational heap; someone who is overpaid for doing little work; a person who likes to play golf and be seen at many restaurants and public and/or social events; a person who joins many organizations so that he can be on their Boards of Directors; eventually a person who is a megalomaniac that has retired to the Hill Country; a person whose salary should be tied to that of the Governor of the State of Texas thus ending all of the above; someone who in any other arena of endeavor would never have been able to acquire so much materially; one who has found easy street the easy way.

sustainable development --n. "Sustainable Development" is the philosophy designed to bring human beings across the globe under the full control of a narrow human elite. Sustainable Developers have designed a global movement, coordinated through a global to local action plan, to create a world governance in accordance with certain objectives. These objectives include an end to national sovereignty, the abolition of private property, the restructure of the family unit, and increasing limitations and restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity. The methods for the achievement of these goals is being funded by the federal government and is being achieved via a thousand points of darkness including; U.S. monetary policy, tax policy, water policy, environmental policy, health policy, war policy, energy policy, education policy, school building construction policy, and foreign policy. The focus of sustainable development is the abolition of private property, societal undermining of the family and the abandonment of Constitutional protection of unalienable rights described in the Declaration of Independence.

This "globalist" sustainable movement is comprised in America to include the Democrat party leadership, the Republican party leadership, Communist Anarchists, anarchist libertarians, Greens, public/private partners including many multinational corporations, socialists, Neo Conservatives, capitalists and ‘third way’ Fabians – something for everyone! Political consensus has been declared!

Seeing the big picture: "The sustainable globalists’ goal is the orchestration of a planned fall of American principles, values and lifestyle. The effect on the average American will be devastating. With modernizing technology the ordinary person will live without independence, privacy or substantive rights."   Michael Shaw

systematic -- adj.   orderly, based on a system; arranged in a set pattern; often, however, when used by educrats, the word systematic means anything BUT orderly and seems to be used merely to connote orderliness when there is none  --  Example:  the use by those teaching reading to spell the long vowels thusly:   ai ee igh oa oo, a device which has no pattern or system at all!

teacher -- n. a person, male or female, who has chosen for his life's work, to impart academic knowledge to others, and therefore, a person who has accumulated sufficient knowledge to have some to  impart.  Recently, a person who has been relegated to being one who turns computers and other technological contraptions on and off and who stands idly by at the side of the room looking around for something to do thus becoming merely a facilitator.

team -- n. a group of people brought (sometimes forced) together for a single purpose; a group where one individual emerges as a leader and does all the work while the other members of the group tag along for the rewards at the end of the effort; a means of allowing people who cannot do anything on their own to feel good about themselves, thus a socially leveling technique; see self-esteem.

TAKS -- n. a means of wasting students' and teachers' time for no worthwhile reason

TelePrompter -- n. a device utilized by those who are not smart enough to speak without one; see

TEKS--n.  the measurement of the "success" of that wasted time mentioned previously above under TAKS.

Texas Projection Measure -- n. (TPM); bogus method of projecting scores not earned yet so that public schools and some of their students will not appear to be failing when, in fact, they are. Method abandoned in 2011 because of media criticism. (I take credit for much of it.)

TQM --n. acronym for Total Quality Management; a means and method of manipulation of large numbers of people or groups, for the purpose of making them act, believe, react, or otherwise behave in a preordained manner with the purpose of which being hidden; deceptive management tool often used by governments, including public schools, and large businesses to get what they want without having their true purpose detected.

True North--n. a mythical place dreamed up by pop business strategists and an idea which eventually descended into the print world of superintendents of public schools--the concept attempts to suggest that this particular geodetic spot on Earth is the penultimate destination for all sorts of efforts and projects with the goal being that once reached everything will be perfect--Examples:  The Land of Oz; Nirvana, Valhalla,  Alton Frailey's new goals

For someone else's list of duplicitous words, look here: