Like a rising spectre of doom, the "1 Katy PAC" has placed itself in the middle of yet another election.

Funded by those who feed off of KISD taxes (vendors, construction companies, sign salesmen, home builders, realtors, etc.) (See contributors below), this group of KISD residents, seeks to keep the incumbent school board members (Bryan Michalsky and Charles Griffin) in office. And never mind that their challengers, Leonard Ledford and John Pendergraff) are far more competent.

Spectral bodies like this one are prone to not know too much about issues, but speak up with unknowledgeable opinions about all things anyway.

Although organized as a local PAC to support bond referenda, the 1 Katy PAC has recently morphed into a State level general purpose PAC which is fine with me as they will now have to file their reports with the Texas Ethics Commission.

Here are the names of the PAC's "board" members: 

Stephanie Click

John Eberlan

Richard Grassau

Liz Johnson

Patti Lacy

Lisa Martinez

Melissa Nixon

Dorsey Reese

Anthony Rivera

Jacquie Smith

Lyn Sullivan

Barbara Vass

Here are the contributors whose contributions are being used by this bunch:

1.  Melissa Nixon                                               $100.00 Owner and editor of presumably defunct Katy Dispatch

2.  Christina Crockett                                           $75.00 Former KISD school board member defeated by Bill Proctor

3.  David Crockett                                                $75.00 Christina's husband

4.  Stan Stanley                                                 $500.00 Sells signs to KISD.  In turn, they named school after him

5.  Elizabeth Brogan Johnson                              $60.00 Complainer about school bus removals; KISD turned her

6.  Bryan Michalsky                                            $500.00 KISD school board member up for re-election

7.  Rebecca Fox                                                 $100.00 KISD school board member

8.  SEE PAC                                                    $2,500.00 John Eberland's PAC (received $2,500 contribution from Drymalla)

9.  Joseph Simmons                                           $200.00 President and CEO of Brazos Valley Credit Union

10. Charles Stevens                                           $100.00  Katy ISD Assistant Athletic Director

11.  Deborah Decker                                           $200.00 Executive Director of the KISD Athletic Department

12.  Barbara Vass                                               $100.00 WoodCreek Junior High PTA member; Leadership Katy participant

13.  David Ammerman                                        $100.00  Katy Honda Dealer

14.  Susan Simpson                                           $100.00 

15.  Robert Willeby                                          $6,250.00 IT tech who supports anything concerning Katy High School

16.  Douglas Fields                                             $100.00

17.  Robert Carpenter                                         $100.00 Perennial Bond Committee Member

18.  Ashley Vann                                                $200.00 KISD School Board Member

19.  Dan Moody                                               $2,500.00 Sells Land to KISD

20.  Anissa Frailey                                            $1000.00 Wife of Superintendent Alton Frailey

21.  Will Wilkerson                                             $250.00 

22.  Edna Dugger                                               $200.00 Former Board Member Judy Snyder's Campaign Manager

23.  Daniel Boltz                                                 $100.00

24.  Christinna Woods                                        $100.00

25.  Stephanie Click                                           $750.00

26.  Gary Joseph                                                $100.00 Katy High School's Head Football Coach and Athletic Director

27.  Henry Dibrell                                                $100.00 KISD School Board Member

28. Consolidated Property Adv. CTD                   $2,500.00 Real Estate Consultant

29. Brock Orthodonics                                        $2,000.00

30. Homewatch Caregivers                                 $1,000.00

31. Linebarger, Groggan, Blair, Simpson            $5,000.00 Collects KISD's Delinquent Taxes

32.  Joiner Partnership, Inc.                                $5.000.00 School Architect

33.  Trendmaker Homes                                     $2,000.00 Builds Homes in WoodCreek

34.  Newmark Homes                                         $2,500.00 Builds Homes in Pine Mill Ranch/Cross Creek

35.  Beazer Homes                                             $2,500.00 Builds Homes in Cross Creek, Raintree Village

36.  MHI Partnership                                           $2,500.00 Builds Homes in Firethorne

37.  Loesch Partnership                                       $240.00

38.  Millunzi and Associates                                 $1,000.00

39.  Perry Homes                                                 $2,500.00 Builds Homes in the Cinco Ranch



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