While I understand the desire to make students proud of their environment, current trends overdo such an effort.  Martha Raines High School isn't really a high school.  It is a place where students who may or may not have made every effort to do well and pass at their regular high school, are allowed to come and try to earn a GED in a very short amount of time so that they may get on with their lives.  Regular high school has lost it's appeal for these students for many reasons, and it is admirable that they now realize the value of a high school diploma, and obtaining a GED is the next best thing for them to do.  It will allow them to get on with the rest of their lives.

The Miller Career and  Technology Center is a vocational school. 

The Opportunity Awareness Center is a school where students with behavior problems are placed.  The time they are to spend there is determined by the principal at their home school. 

Martha Raines High School (RHS)

Miller Career & Technology Center (MCTC)

Opportunity Awareness Center  (OAC)