There are lots of crimes that are committed in our schools and on school property.  The school board, when I was on it, received every week, a report of all the crimes that were reported to the police department. Even then we didn't hear about ALL the crime that was occurring.

When I got on the Board in 1991, the school district had already established a police department in 1988.  The first police chief was Mark Hopkins. The Board thought he was the best candidate available, and I always thought that Chief Hopkins did an outstanding job. The other four officers that were hired were Assistant Chief Robert Jinks, Officer David Carroll, Captain Keith Meier, and Sergeant Wilbur "Bubba" grimes.  They took office in January 1989. 

Since then the department has grown to 50 police officers and 44 security guards who are divided among the secondary schools.

While our school population has quadrupled, the number of employees in this department has increased by a much greater percentage.

I don't know if the board receives the kind of crime reports that I received from 1991-1996, but I do know that Katy ISD has lots of crime, and that the administration as well as the people selling houses would rather the public didn't know about it! 

From time to time, local newspapers have also reported the crime reports and statistics.

It is my opinion that the District under Superintendent Leonard Merrell decided that informing the public of crime in our schools was not a way to get people to come here, and so they just hushed it all up.

I have several times asked for crime reports over the years.  They are for the most part, so terse that one cannot figure out what the crime might have even been!

That's not transparency, and if parents and citizens do not know of the problem, they cannot address it.

Sweeping reports under the rug needs to stop.

There are reports of crime in KISD posted under the names of schools elsewhere on this website, but I will also include them here by school.

Most of the reports will be old.  I put them here because I think the public needs to see how much crime there was 25 years ago, because I believe that there's a whole lot more now than there ever was a long time ago! The difference is that now they are hiding what is happening at your child's school.