George Scott Reports Submits Public Information Request To Katy I.S.D. Following Political Firestorm That Erupts After Parents’ Private Phone Numbers Released & Used By Team Katy In Advocating Bond Issue

October 29, 2010 by George

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Apparently much like a pool table ‘bank shot,’ the Team Katy political action committee obtained the private home, business, and cell phone numbers of thousands of Katy I.S.D. parents and family members in a yet undetermined path that led from Katy I.S.D. School Board member Joe Adams’ formal public information request submitted months earlier.

Those numbers were then used to make automated calls supporting the bond issue erupting in a firestorm of complaints and sometimes contradictory explanations. This website is simply not geared to follow breaking news. I strongly suggest that you follow developments of this story at Instant News Katy which broke the original news story that is now being reported upon by major media and even The Katy Times.

The Houston Chronicle’s real news department published a story on this today. It was an actual news story. It was not written by the community based employees who occasionally pretend to be reporters.

In response to the controversy, the district released a statement saying that the telephone numbers were given out in response to a formal public information request submitted by board member Adams. Having some familiarity with the public information act based upon my extensive use of it for many years, I have submitted a new request to the district asking for explicit clarifications of this request from Adams.

Moreover, I have asked the district to respond to that request by the end of the day (Friday). The district does not have to do that. The law gives it 10 business days to respond. As you read the request and consider the information I have sought, if you believe the district should respond, I’d appreciate immediately, I would appreciate your sending and email to one or both of the following:

This is the text of a public information request that I have submitted to Katy I.S.D. I would appreciate any and all of you communicating with Katy I.S.D. tomorrow to encourage them to provide a response by the close of business Friday.

October 28, 2010

George H. Scott

George Scott Reports

Dear Katy ISD:

This request for information is made pursuant to the public information act of the State of Texas. While state law allows a district 10 business days, I am requesting that your response be provided to me by the end of the business day, Friday, October 29, 2010. The district’s failure to do so will likely be considered an act of bad faith by the citizens of Katy.

First a brief narrative.

Channel 13 has reported that Katy I.S.D. responded to a public information request from Joe Adams seeking telephone numbers involving students and employees of the district. Steve Stanford appeared “on air” describing the data provided. Please provide:

A copy of all formally submitted public information request(s) from Joe Adams showing precisely what he requested relative to obtaining telephone numbers from the district.

A copy of the charges that Mr. Adams was assessed for providing the data.

A copy of any and all other public information requests from any and all other sources in addition to Joe Adams seeking telephone numbers as referenced.

A copy of all written communications however transmitted or stored to and from any and all employees of Katy I.S.D. that directed any employee to produce such documentation. In other words, after the public information request was submitted to the district, I am asking that you provide all written communications that directed the information be produced by the district. This documentation should include the exact language of the directions to the technology department ordering the production of the information.

Please provide any and all documentation that describes whether or not and how such information was evaluated in the event that parents had requested that their cell phone or private numbers not be provided publicly. In other words, please provide documentation as to what procedures were in place to evaluate those numbers that the district was advised not to release by parents and those for which there was no such prohibition.

Please provide any documentation that exists as to whether Katy I.S.D. sought any legal opinion from its attorneys as to its obligation to respond to specific requests cited above. I am NOT asking the district to violate attorney-client privilege. I am asking for documentation that verifies whether legal counsel was sought prior to responding to such requests.

Please provide any information on any documentation filed with Katy I.S.D. regarding an organization that has been publicly identified as Katy’s Best Committee. If there is no such documentation, please indicate this in writing.

Again, the public urgency of this matter is sufficient that it would be reprehensible conduct for the district to not provide the basic answers to these questions before the close of business Friday, October 29.

George H. Scott

Serves as signature

This is an easy request. Given the nature of the public statement above, the district should be highly motivated to provide it.


2 Responses to “George Scott Reports Submits Public Information Request To Katy I.S.D. Following Political Firestorm That Erupts After Parents’ Private Phone Numbers Released & Used By Team Katy In Advocating Bond Issue”

Truth Be Told on October 29th, 2010 8:10 pm

But George, people that moved into the district this summer, also received calls. So their story is falling apart. I think there must be several lists given out by KISD at different times.

My truth detector says NOT to believe them!

NOTE: We are far, far, far, far away from the total picture. Remember, Tuesday is election day. That’s their line of demarcation. Ours is the truth even if it emerges after the election.

Anonymous on October 29th, 2010 8:36 pm

How is it a school board member can hand out my phone numbers and not be in any type of trouble…. It is probably the same reason FraIley can scold his teachers for not voting as he sees fit and threatening their job if they don’t vote for the bond.

NOTE: Don’t confuse the law with common standards of decency. I’ll address this in a column tomorrow. Just remember: something can be sleazy and legal. That’s why we have lawmakers! Fortunately, you have other options.