Team Katy ‘Robo-Calls’ Made To Phone Numbers More Recent Than Time Of Adams’ Public Information Release


Questions are being raised about claims all of the district telephone numbers used in this week’s pro-bond issue automated call effort came from a pubic information release to KISD Trustee Joe Adams this spring.

In a statement released by the school district yesterday, KISD spokesman Steve Stanford said the numbers were legally released following the public information request.

The information was requested by veteran KISD Trustee Joe Adams on April 28 and released to him May 4.

“The district responded to the request in accordance with the Public Information Act, and provided the requestor with parent phone numbers sorted by zip code; no other information, such as parent or student names, was given,” Stanford said in the original statement. “Because the Public Information Act does not provide an exception for the district to withhold secondary numbers, such as cell phone or work numbers, and considers this information public, the district is obligated under law to release these numbers as well. In addition, the district, by law, is not permitted to ask a requestor why they are asking for the information, or what they intend to do with it.”

However, InstantNewsKaty has learned of a number of instances in which people received calls on numbers listed with the school district well after April. At least one said he received a call on a phone number he put on a sign-in sheet at a bond information meeting held at Mayde Creek High School on Oct. 11.

That person, a new resident to the Katy area who asked that his name not be given, also said the number he gave was an office extension that was not even in operation in April.

“I moved into the district in August 2010 from (another state). I attended the last bond information meeting at Mayde Creek High School on Oct. 11. I have no children enrolled at Katy ISD and have never had any contact with them,” the man said. “I supplied my contact information to a Katy ISD sign-in sheet at that meeting, which was an office extension less than one month old. I also received the robo-call at that number I provided at that meeting. My information had to have been released to the outside party well after the April request that is being reported.”

In addition, two parents reported receiving robo-calls on telephone numbers registered with the district after students were enrolled in the district for the first time in August. One family moved to Katy from San Antonio, while the other moved to the area from Lake Charles. Both said they had no contact with the district prior to August.

When asked about the discrepancy, Stanford confirmed the dates of the release of telephone numbers to Adams and said he knew of no other requests from, or on behalf of, Team Katy.

He also said the PAC had additional telephone lists.

“April 28 is the date he made the request; the response was provided May 4. Other than routine requests for student information from companies, recruiters, etc., there have been no requests from the PAC or any individual we know to be associated with the PAC,” Stanford said. “I do know they had three other lists besides the one Mr. Adams supplied, but I do not know anything with regards to the origins of those lists.”


MBOCTOBER 29, 2010 AT 2:37 PM

What’s that I just heard??? Sounded a lot like the other shoe dropping. This is going to be very interesting how it plays out.

KatySignIDIOTSOCTOBER 29, 2010 AT 2:37 PM

First, I think Joe should resign.

Second, there needs to be more investigation as I believe there is some cover up.

Before some of the other postings on this and other sites bring up the fact that Joe only asked for and “supposedly” only received certain zip codes in KISD, and not ALL of the KISD area, I had already thought Thursday something was still not right.

I know of several yesterday who said, “You know, I never remember getting a call back in April or May?”

I know PERSONALLY that someone who WAS called 2 days ago on their private cell and work phone, did NOT receive calls from Joe’s “supposed” list back in April/May.

So, hmmmmm a pattern.

What list does Joe have, and what list was actually called in this Huntoon/ReMax/KISD/Joe Adams/Pro bond pushers debacle?

I think there is more to it.

I think there is a cover up at KISD or somewhere? This doesn’t match up.

I personally believe, the list that Huntoon was given was a NEW LIST that someone got from KISD for THIS bond election.

That it blew up and is now in the media and is exposed, I believe it is just convenient as well as LUCKY for the KISD/pro-bond side that Joe DID make some public records request and had a list.

It now gives them an “excuse” of where this list came from.

I believe it is NOT the list Joe got back in April. I believe this is a totally separate and NEW list.

There are too many people who got calls now, who DID NOT back then..from “supposedly”, this exact same list?

Which would mean these are 2 totally separate instances and 2 totally separate list!

I think they are all just LUCKY Joe DID get a list back then. As there would be NO COVER where THIS list came from.

Didn’t they already admit..that the list Joe got back then was just raw data..and no way to know if it was a cell or work number? So how could have Joe “redacted” all the numbers back then?

muckrakerOCTOBER 29, 2010 AT 3:01 PM

What, not more malfeasance in office? Are we paying taxes to be lied to by district officials? Not a good character example for the children, that’s for sure. Tell the district legal vendor to stop helping with the releases…

Truth B ToldOCTOBER 29, 2010 AT 5:44 PM

My Truth DETECTOR showed LIE! when I first heard that version of events because people that did not live in Katy last spring received phone calls.

That begs the question of how many times has Katy ISD released our personal phone numbers and to whom?

Adams’ and Fox’s timelines do not make sense. And it smells BAD, too!

KatySignIDIOTSOCTOBER 30, 2010 AT 2:15 PM

Has Fox mentioned anything about this dog and pony show? What/where are any of her comments or public statements?