The following chart shows the elementary, junior high and high schools that have
been built over the years. Older schools existed, but they are not listed here.
They have either been torn down or sit unused. Most of the schools, with the
exception of Wolfe Elementary, have been refurbished, added on to, or totally
gutted over the years. The “Total Cost as a Capital Asset,” taken from the
school district’s financial information, is the most comprehensive indication I
could find of the cumulative spending for each of the Katy schools. If anyone
has a more accurate number for the total amount spent on any of these schools, I
would appreciate having it.

Looking at this list one can easily see the rapid acceleration in cost of school
buildings after the arrival of Dr. Merrell as the superintendent in 1995 and continued
by Mr. Frailey after his arrival in 2007.. The increase in cost is attributable to
increases in architects' fees, arbitrary increases in the inflation factor, and
the increases in usage of ancillary construction activities that may or
may not be necessary.

Initial architects' fees may be shown for the first school in a series by the same architect.
Plans for subsequent schools may be a repeat of the same design--thus the
"lower" fee.

Things to note:  *the tremendous increase in the architect's fee in just a few years

                       *the fact that the prototype often costs less than the schools based upon it

                       *only two architectural firms are getting the major business--PBK the high

                        schools, junior highs, and major facilities--SBWV all the elementary schools

                       *look at the inflation factor over the last ten years as it's pretty significant

                       *the size of classrooms, the bedrock of a school building, get smaller with each new building 

SCHOOL                               NUMBER       YEAR OPEN TOTAL COST     ARCHITECT    ARCHITECT'S FEE

Elementary Schools

Katy Elementary                                    I            1965         $6,585,631*             Not Known             No Record

Wolfe Elementary                                 II            1968         $2,576,327               Not Known             No Record

                                                                              2012       $17,000,000              PBK                      No Record

West Memorial Elementary                 III           1974        $12,618,904*            Not Known             No Record

Memorial Parkway Elementary           IV          1978       $7,316,225*               Not Known            No Record

Hutsell Elementary                                V          1978        $11,189,488*            Not Known            No Record

Bear Creek Elementary                       VI          1978       $5,037,125*              MRW Architects   No Record

Cimarron Elementary                           VII         1980       $8,405,227*              Goleman & Rolfe  No Record

Diane Winborn Elementary                 VIII         1981       $7,101,911*              Goleman & Rolfe  No Record

Nottingham Country Elementary          IX         1981       $12,985,494*            Goleman & Rolfe  No Record

Sundown Elementary                            X         1982        $6,539,381               Goleman & Rolfe  No Record
Mayde Creek Elementary                    XI         1983       $6,532,730                Goleman & Rolfe No Record

Hazel Pattison Elementary                  XII        1989       $9,172,143                 Goleman & Rolfe  No Record

Loraine Golbow Elementary               XIII        1989       $6,320,460                 Goleman             No Record

Edna Mae Fielder Elementary           XIV       1993       $6,499,032                 Goleman             $252.000

Jeanette Hayes Elementary               XV        1995       $6,931,243                Goleman             $185,012

Polly Ann McRoberts Elementary      XVI       1997       $7,772,213                Goleman              $217,500

Roosevelt Alexander Elementary      XVII      1998       $8,762,659                Goleman              $156,316

James Williams Elementary              XVIII      2000      $9,602,370                 Goleman             $233,322

Sue Creech Elementary                    XIX        2000      $9.614.406                 Goleman             $233,322

Robert King Elementary                    XX         2001      $11,515,486                 SBWV              $557,849

Betty & Jean Schmalz Elementary   XXI        2001      $11,159,262                 SBWV              $300,176

Odessa Kilpatrick Elementary         XXII        2003      $11,936,900                 SBWV              $342,127

Roberts Wright Rylander Elem.       XXIII       2004      $12,448,934                 SBVW              $360,552

Jo Ella Exley Elementary                  XXIV     2004       $11,320,721                SBVW               $281,844

Jack & Sharon Rhoads Elem.         XXV       2004      $11,070,560                SBVW               $326,398

Franz Elementary                             XXVI       2004      $11,604,223                SBVW               $286,018

Michael Griffin Elementary*****      XXVII       2006     $14,223,878                SBVW                $330,758

Ursula Stephens Elementary          XXVIII      2007      $13,325,920                SBWV               $599,874

Wood Creek Elementary                XXIX        2007      $12,500,517                SBWV               $521,081

Bonnie Holland Elementary            XXX        2008       $13,962,635               SBVW                $573,847

Morton Ranch Elementary****        XXXI       2008       $17, 556,038               SBWV                $526,681

Stan Stanley Elementary                 XXXII       2009      $15,229,251               SBWV                $667,338

Falcon Landing Elementary******   XXXIII       2011     $18,653,859               SBWV                $559,616

Firethorne Elementary******           XXXIV      2011     $18,653,859               SBWV                $559,616

Cinco Ranch Far West Elementary******

                                                          XXV         2011      $18,653,859               SBWV                $559,616

Junior High Schools

Katy Junior High                                                    I   1947/1994*  $12,356,993     Farrell Sundin  $291,740

West Memorial Junior High                                 II      1976*        $8,616,780          Not Known   $517,007

Mayde Creek Junior High                                   III      1980          $13,664,821        Not Known  $819,889

Memorial Parkway Junior High                          IV     1982          $11,272,082          SHWC     $676,325

T. H. McDonald Junior High                                V     1991          $10,465,719            FKP        $627,943

Rodger & Ellen Beck Junior High                     VI      1996          $12,322,799      Farrell Sundin  $300,241

Garland McMeans Junior High                         VII      2000          $15,739,113              FKP       $498,700

Cinco Ranch Junior High                                  VIII      2001          $16.881,621             PBK       $580,650

Morton Ranch Junior High                                  IX      2003          $20,855,652             PBK       $959,650

Beckendorff Junior High                                     X       2004          $18,948,425             PBK       $535,566

Cardiff Junior High***                                          XI      2008          $27,583,336             PBK    $1,050,927

Wood Creek Junior High***                              XII      2008          $29,288,118             PBK     $1,731,340

Junior High 13*******                                         XIII      2011         $32,787,909              PBK        $983,637

High Schools

Katy High School                                                  I            1947*           $55,629,662

James E. Taylor High School                             II            1979 *          $59,256,464

Mayde Creek High School                                 III            1984*           $57,546,274       SHWC    $852,500

(Original cost for Mayde Creek High School was $15,000,000-- additions and repairs have brought the "cost" up. The original architects were Swanson Hiester Wilson Claycomb. They charged $852,500 as their fee.  Compare that fee to the $3,659,550 fee charged by PBK in 1999 for the Cinco Ranch High School just fifteen years later!)

(Perhaps we can look forward to the adjusted "totals" for newer schools as they too have repairs!)

Cinco Ranch High School                                  IV           1999 *          $74,423,228       PBK     $3,659,550

Morton Ranch High School                                 V            2004            $56,162,667       PBK     $2,021,199

(9th grade Center was approved
in a bond issue, but the Center
was not  built yet  when this amount

was established which
accounts for the lower initial cost of this school)

Morton Ranch 9th Grade Center                                       2008           $13,476,607        PBK        $555,194

Seven Lakes High School                                 VI             2005           $63,091,000**     PBK     $2,275,838

Tompkins High School*********                         VII             2013        $115,589,250        PBK     $3,467,678

**(Land was $2,500,000; Furniture & equipment was $4,900,000 and Fees and "other" were $3,606,000 for a total of $77,424,704)

(The fee PBK charged for Tompkins High School in 2013 was $3,467,678 --that would be $2,615,178 more than was charged in 1984 for Mayde Creek High school!  Can anyone say "inflation"?)

* Designates schools that have had additions, upgrades, etc. and the total should include those extras.

***"Built using Beckendorff prototype" (Source: KISD web site 11/26/2007) which should indicate that the architect's fee should be less, not more than the original fee (Beckendorff)--at least that's the pitch that's been given to the public all these years--it's also the reason given for staying with the same architect!

****"Built using Wood Creek Elementary prototype."

*****"Built using Franz Elementary and Rhoads Elementary prototype."

******"Built using a refined repeat of Stan Stanley Elementary."

*******"Built using a refined repeat of WoodCreek Junior High"

*********"Built using a refined repeat of Seven Lakes High School"


Leonard E . Merrell Center

General Contractor:  Durotech

Architect:  PBK Architects, Inc.

Current Estimated Total Project Cost (from TIRZ Funds):  $23,549,168

Completion Date:  March 2005

Katy ISD Project Manager:  Sabrina Sharma

Description:  The Leonard E. Merrell Center will be located on the west side of the Education Support Complex.  The facility will include 5,600 stadium seats, concession areas, ticket booths, office space, locker rooms, and a full service kitchen.  A removable basketball court will be included.  when the court is removed, loose seating on the floor will increase overall seating capacity to 7,000.  The Merrell Center will be used for a wide range of District and community functions including sporting events, concerts, graduation ceremonies, and banquets, to name a few.

(copied from http://web.archive.org/we/20051104064720/katyisd.org/services/facilities/merrell _center)


Specs for Seven Lakes High School

The fifth high school is 480,000 square foot building which will hold 2,400 students.

The facility will have typical classroom areas and science laboratories as well as specialty areas like fine arts, vocational and athletic.  The fine arts area will include a 900 seat auditorium, a black box theater, a band hall, and orchestra room, a choir room and classrooms.

The vocational area will be comprised of an agriculture shop, metal shop, food science classrooms and communication and construction graphics labs.  The athletic area will contain a competition gymnasium, a practice gymnasium, a drill team gymnasium, a wrestling room, eight lane competition swimming pool, field house and locker/dressing areas.

Additionally the school will have a library and an administration suite.  The 112-acre site amenities will consist of competition football, baseball and softball fields, practice fields and nine tennis courts.

Parking will be provided for 1,427 cars and bus and visitor drop-off areas will also be included.

Start/completion dates:  August 2002/May 2004

Project Value:  $66.7 million

Construction Manager:  Gilbane Building Co., Houston

Architect:  PBK Architects Inc., Houston

Structural Engineer:  Jones/Borne Inc., Humble

Mechanical Engineer:  CHP& Associates Inc., Houston

Sources:  Katy ISD documents, Open Records Requests, The Katy Times