When I was on the school board in the 1990's, the Interim Superintendent, Don Stacy, brought in a "multicultural" trainer group and asked me if I would attend their session.  I did. Played all the games and listened.  I reported back to Dr. Stacy, and told him that if KISD had employees who couldn't get along with those of other races or nationalities, that he needed to fire them.  I also said that if there were problems with students not treating others properly and respectfully, to expel them. But I also pointed out that the beliefs and attitudes of the students were their parents' concern and not the school district's, and that it wasn't our job to social engineer their beliefs and attitudes as long as they didn't negatively affect other students or the classroom.  He agreed with me.

Unfortunately, not all superintendents are as smart as Dr. Stacy.

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