1.  You joined the NRA, but you don't own a gun.

2.  You want the "village" to help raise your kids.

3.  You mostly watch NBC or MSNBC for your news.

4.  You eat sushi and kale.

5.  You voted for Hillary in 2008 and 2016 and will be dumb enough to vote for her again in 2020 when she will be 73 with at least two more face lifts.

6.  You changed into a Republican in 1993.

7.  Your father was a Democrat (it's OK if your mother was).

8.  You've voted in a Democrat Primary election.

9.  You can't figure out why you can't read very well.

10.  You drive a Prius.

11.  You don't know what a RINO is.

12.  You think George W. Bush is a Republican.

13.  You voted for Joe Straus and David Dewhurst.

14.  You think square cars are cute.

15.  You don't have any cultivated flowers in your back yard.

16.  You belong to the PTA.

17.  You think the phrase "separation of church and school" is in the Constitution.

18.  You think unions are necessary and OK.

19.  You will let your 17 year old daughter or son spend the night at a hotel on graduation night.

20.  You espouse "traditional family values," but you can't list any of them.

21.  You think the majority of the Katy School Board members are Republicans.

22.  You think Superintendent Alton Frailey is a Republican.

23.  You think it doesn't matter if the school board members and the superintendent are Democrats.

24.  You believe in the authenticity of the TQM management technique.

25.  You believe in five year plans.

26.  You can't name the best television business channel.

27.  You don't know the difference between "testing" and "assessment."

28.  You smoked a lot of pot in your youth and tried out other drugs.

29.  You can't understand why your children have problems because you did drugs.

30.  You think day care is a good thing for young children.

31.  You don't know why they teach children to read using the whole language method.

32.  You don't know if your seven year old son or daughter is able to read.

33.  You don't vote in most elections.

34.  You think speed limits are but kind suggestions.

35.  You believe there is global warming.

36.  You've never written a letter to the editor.

37.  You think spanking your own children is wrong.

38.  You don't donate your own money to charities.

39.   You like having your 26 year old daughter still living with you.

40.  You think "zero tolerance" disciplinary systems support law and order.

41.  You like "social justice," but you don't know what it is.

42.  You believe the Constitution is a "living document."

43.  You believe in taxing the rich to help the poor.

44.  You believe in "education reform."

45.  You want change, and it doesn't matter what the venue is.

46.  Environmental issues are a priority for you.

47.  You think Food Stamps help poor people.

48.  You have set up a foundation to keep from paying Federal income taxes.

49.  You ask for paper sacks at the grocery store.

50.  You would rather eat chicken than beef.

51.  You can't listen to Lou Dobbs.

52.  You believe in gun control.

53.  You think it's OK for teachers to be replaced by computers.

54.  You think it's OK to give government student loans to people who will never repay them.

55.  You don't read a newspaper or watch Fox news.

56.  You take the newspaper, but it stays in the yard for days.

57.  You don't know what "due process" means.

58.  You think it's OK for KISD students to use Common Core curriculum because Superintendent Alton Frailey says it's the same as the TEKS curriculum, and you believe him.

59.  You like being called a "snowflake."

60.  You work to get other people to donate THEIR money to YOUR causes.

61.  You didn't bother to make certain your children knew their math "facts."

62.  You know what the public schools are doing to students, and you hope the Republicans don't figure it out.

63.  You think it's OK for Disney to include in children's movies, characters with alternative life styles.

64.  You are in favor of having "transgender" potties in public places.

65.  You don't know or care what they'll do with the battery for your Prius when it dies.

66.  You can't name the last president who was impeached.

67.  You think "community activism" means signing up people to vote for your beliefs.

68.  You never have watched a President Trump rally.

69.  You think Americans may not really have gone to the moon.


If you answered "Yes!" to more than three or four of these items, perhaps you should consider a program of rehabilitation!