Regionalism is a concept of government that bears watching.  When local governments cede their rights to regional groups, in essence they are giving up their own powers.  Such actions are part and parcel of the communitarian idea that doing things for the greater good supersedes the interests of the individual.  Make no mistake, the existence of the regional group is by design and CANNOT be of good use to the local unit.

School governments are not the only governments that have fallen prey to those who believe in communitarianism.  But I have yet to see the good of any of them.

Pay attention and one can realize the great number of regional organizations that currently exist.  With schools in Texas, it is the "regional" service centers."  These organizations used to provide audio visual services to schools and teachers.  Mostly they were housed in derelict buildings and provided services that supposedly saved schools money.

They then morphed into organizations that usurped power from the local unit providing along the way an ever growing array of services, undercutting the bidding process, and offering school districts services with which no one else could compete. As a service provider their income grew, and all of a sudden their "derelict" buildings became ever so nice.

On a wider scale, there are regional organizations that exist for the purpose of doing research in education.  MCREL is one of those and seems to have surpassed the others, which is sort of amusing if one thinks about it.

This link to an article will explain further what is transpiring. Just remember that regionalism is a form of communism.  As a "government" they are not accountable to anyone, and their purpose is the greater good over that of the individual.

Regionalism for all practical purposes is communism.

For a copy of the Communist Manifesto (everyone should read it from time to time so you don't get hoodwinked by those trying to implement it in America!)  go to: