Roosevelt Alexander :


There have been several feature stories lately in the local papers about
Roosevelt Alexander. I commend them for honoring this fine gentleman.

I have known Mr. Alexander for many years. In the early 1980’s I was a
substitute teacher in the Katy school district. Substitutes figure out quickly
which schools have good leadership, and that exhibited by Mr. Alexander when he
was the principal at Katy Junior High, was exemplary. I would always take
assignments there. One got a good feeling just walking in the door of the
school. Mr. Alexander was not a “sit behind his desk attached to his chair”
kind of a man. He was out and about and usually came by to check on things when
I was there. He had his finger on everything that was going on in “his” school.

He also managed to get and keep outstanding teachers, and they are still revered
by their former students. There were always good things going on at Katy Junior
High, and the teachers reflected his spirit.

It was fitting that in 1998 an elementary school was named in honor of Mr.
Alexander. The honor was long overdue, and I and others on the School Board had
suggested that Katy Junior High be named for him. That action was not to be,
but I would point out that it is not too late to make the change. There have
been two schools at different levels named “Katy” for many years. Why not have
two schools named “Alexander?”

Mr. Alexander left his profession much too early in my opinion, and I’m only
guessing, but I believe that he, like others of us, objected to the restructured
education movement that swept through our schools in the early 1990‘s. I’m sure
his life-long experiences told him that education, not training, was the key to
garnering success in life.

I see Mr. Alexander from time to time when I’m out shopping or attending some
event. He is gracious, cordial, and always delightful to see. He is a real
Katy treasure. We are fortunate that he has graced us with his presence in our