I think this post is right on the money.  Good for this anonymous teacher for speaking the truth about the matter.



Re: Pearson, Mifflin-Harcourt materials

Posted by: hope for teachers on 6/08/14

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Pearson does a lot more than print textbooks. They bought the

online public school system in Texas. If kids go online to learn,

they no longer need to pay you to teach. The students logging on

can be a ratio of 400 to one certified teacher. Pearson is in it

to make money and your salary is part of the money they want. They

really don't care about print textbooks. They care about selling

teacher evaluations, online resources, college entrance tests,

state tests and everything aligned to the beloved Common Core.

They can not wait until a student can "log on" and "plug in" so

that no one needs to pay YOU. The teacher will be a dancing cartoon

on a screen. The state tests are just a money racket. Who cares

how we'll evaluate schools. Students don't go to school to produce

data to evaluate their school. Please, teachers, fight with the

activists who are trying to wake parents up to strengthen our local

schools. You haven't ever known anything else except that a bus

load of students pulls up at the door and they have to hire

teachers. Already, there is a massive amount of parents planning

to pull their kids to homeschool and coop education. You will lose

your jobs over the fact that the parents don't want the Pearson

state tests, the Pearson crappy workbook/ textbooks (which is just

a way to steal the textbook fund which should go to amazing

textbooks), and Common Core schools. Stop pushing IPads, plugged

in classrooms, project based crap and every other silly fad that

comes along, that helps the enemy, to your own detriment. The

brainwashing that is done to teachers is amazing. Go to Texas Opt

Out movement online and read that parents are getting educated and

they don't want the very thing that teachers are often brainwashed

at the region service centers into pushing. Get on the other side

and fight for authentic learning. You're not going to lose your

job for standing up to the broken system. You have nothing to lose

and everything to gain, as I have been posting for a long time.