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1.  Chronicle Article on Tax-collection vendors Tied to Lawmakers, Officials

2.  Using Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson for Tax Collection

3.  Dallas Morning News Goes After Greg Abbott for Linebarger Campaign Contributions

4.  Cormac Creaven Letter to KISD About Linebarger

5.  Creaven Tells School Board I Told You So   from Instant News Katy

6.  KISD Trustees Award Contract to Linebarger  Ignore Ethical Issues

7.  The Results of Taking from the Rich and Giving to the Poor

8.  When Do School Districts Have Enough Money

9.  Board President Rebecca Fox Chastises Bill Proctor for Not Playing Along

10. CNN Article on Linebarger

11. Katy ISD Board Member Bill Proctor's Comments on Linebarger Selection

12. CNN Article Goes Viral

13. Covering Katy Article About Linebarger Influence on Katy ISD School Board

14.  WCAD Not Best Choice For District, McGarr Says