1.  Importance of Ability Grouping

2.  Chances of Getting a College Degree for a Katy ISD Student

3.  Article by Kincaid Alum and Parent about Intellectual Diversity

4.  My Thoughts on the Matter of Honor Rolls and High Honor Rolls

5.  The Case for Improving Math and Reading PRIOR to College Entrance

6.  SAT Scores and College Enrollment Statistics for Katy ISD Students

7.  The War on Academics in Our Public Schools

8.   Chronicle Article on Ability Grouping in the Katy Plan

9.  Chronicle Business Editorial on Failing Schools   by Chris Tomlinson

10. Definitions of Type 1 and Type 2 Learning   by Donna Garner

11. Good Viewpoints Letter to the Editor About Low Graduation Rates in Texas

12. Chronicle Article on Students' Stressing Out Over Grades

13. Children at Risk Evaluation Shows KISD No Longer Premier School District